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Spruce Ridge Community School
"Home of the Timberwolves"
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Spruce Ridge Community School’s Website!

It is difficult to believe that another school year is coming to an end.  We should all be very proud of the students at Spruce Ridge for their accomplishments during this past year. The last few weeks of school are important as students finish up final reports and assignments and staff get ready to report on progress.
We hope students will continue to make their best effort in their work. This can also be a difficult time as students continue to require their rest and it’s hard to get to sleep with longer daylight hours and improving weather!
Additionally, we are constantly reminding our students to be careful when they are out and about.  It is really important to wear a helmet when biking or scootering.  Always watch for vehicles and pay close attention to traffic signs.  We understand that West Grey Police Service does have giveaways they give to students who are wearing their bike helmets!  Never stop being watchful and safe!
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Jill Nebb as the incoming Principal at Spruce Ridge.  Jill is coming to Durham from Meaford and she was Principal at Kinghurst as well.  Jill is quite pleased to be coming to Spruce Ridge.  I know she will really like this school and everyone will make her feel welcome.
Other staffing is currently in process and final staffing details have not been determined at this point.
If you would like to have some input into class placement for your son or daughter, please send written information to support the placement into the office.  You should include academic reasons for the request.  Although we consider all requests, we are not able to guarantee any placement requests.  Further to that, we always have to give consideration to the fact that a re-organization of classes and rooms may need to happen in the fall.  If that happens, classes and placement decisions will need to be revisited.  

M. Bennett, Principal

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