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Spruce Ridge Community School
"Home of the Timberwolves"
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Spruce Ridge Community School’s Website!

As we head into the darker winter months, and travel to and from school can be in darker conditions, please remind your student to be really watchful and careful as they are walking and biking in the community.  As you know, it really is more difficult to see people moving in darker, twilight conditions.  Also, please remind your child(ren) to use the sidewalks and to observe road signals and signs to further enhance personal safety.

As things get a bit cooler outside, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and outside conditions.  We endeavour to keep students inside when it rains but other than those ‘indoor recess’ days, we expect them to head outside for their breaks.

Is there a difference between being mean and bullying?~ You bet there is.~ Personally, I think we could all agree that bullying is mean but being mean doesn't necessarily mean bullying.~  We all can probably think of someone who has been mean to us.~ We can probably even think of someone that we've been mean to, but that doesn't make them or us a bully.~ Does it?~ Dealing with mean, rude, or unkind people is a part of life that we all have to learn how to deal with.~ Bullying, on other hand is a different matter and it needs to be addressed immediately.  At Spruce Ridge we continue to have a focus on a safe and caring school environment.  In addition to teaching curriculum our staff are trying to teach our children to be kind to one another as well as cognizant and empathic to everyone.

Mike Bennett,

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